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How We Work

Everything we do is project based, with a defined beginning, middle and end. We seek results, whether accountability, data or attendance driven. We specialize in various types of projects.

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The world would be a dull place if all we could see was traffic, buildings and streets empty of people. There's a certain feeling that everyone should experience in the place they call home.

Through art, whether it is visual, educational, or performance, we create inspiring projects that foster neighbourhood building and a sense of place. The goal is to encourage civic engagement through process-based projects that stress public participation and interaction.
Some our past projects can be viewed here. For the types of projects we do, look here.


Economic development should go beyond bricks + mortar. Our goal is to enhance the awareness, appreciation and capacity of neighbourhoods. This raises the visibility of community involvement and encourages community-defined public identity or cultural landmarks that bring a focus on the little details so important to tourism and economic activity.


We are, at our core, creative problem solvers. So, naturally we want to train the next generation of the creative class by educating new community leaders across generations.

Our pragmatic approach guides us along services that assist organizations, foundations and civic bodies in developing sustainable, community-focused programs or projects. By enhancing the capacity of organizations we can can expand their impact and capabilities.

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